Is Your Divorce Agreement Legally Sound? | Long Island Divorce Lawyer

Going through a divorce is invariably a negative experience. Having an agreement that ends up not being legally sound would make it even more negative, requiring painful revisiting of issues later on.

In order to be sure that your divorce agreement is sound, you need to be sure that you consult with professionals that are trained, licensed, and that deal with divorce and family law in your state on a regular basis. Finding a lawyer should mean more than visiting the first divorce law website on the search page. You should speak with your lawyer in an initial consultation and ask whatever questions you have about the process before you. Before signing any divorce paperwork, you will want to be certain that everything is in order. The right attorney will be able to assist you with this.

Some people may figure that divorce paperwork is fairly straightforward. This may or may not be the case. Read through the paperwork yourself before asking your attorney about it to make sure that you agree as far as you are able to understand. Your attorney can then help you to understand any wording that is not clear, and he can bring up any concerns that he may have about the paperwork. If you own a business or have children, then there will likely be more complications that could possibly come up, so it is important that everything is covered as it should be.

The cost of hiring an attorney may be a concern for you, but this should not make you look for the least expensive attorney. If you are concerned about the money, ask up front if the firm will work with you on the cost and let you pay payments at a rate that is reasonable for you. Having an attorney you trust in this situation is more important than the money that you may have to put into it.

Some areas that you may need to consider if you are getting a divorce could include custody, child support, and visitation if you have children. Other terms that may come up could include orders of protection, pre-nuptial agreements (if you had one), separation agreements, and equitable distribution. You may have no idea what to think about some of the items in your divorce agreement. When you look for a law firm to help you understand and be sure that everything is legally sound, consider Pickney Law. Contact us for a consultation and more information.

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