Visitation/Parenting Time

Parental access, visitation agreements and modifications to visitation schedules.

Typically, one parent is deemed the “custodial parent” meaning, that the children primarily reside with that parent, while the other parent, known as the “non-custodial” parent would have visitation, or, parenting time with the children. A standard parenting time schedule often proposed for a non-custodial parent is as follows:

– Every other weekend, from Friday after school until Sunday evening

– 2-3 hour midweek visit for dinner, and possibly overnight

– Holiday and vacation times to be split evenly between the parties

– Two weeks uninterrupted time during the summer

Of course, many variations of this schedule are possible. A parent who has been actively involved in the lives of their children may be entitled to a far more expansive schedule of visitation. At The Pickney Law Firm we have the experience to assist you in seeking a visitation schedule that is appropriate for your particular circumstances.