Modification of Agreements

Modification of Agreements

At The Pickney Law Firm we have extensive experience representing clients during their divorce and representing individuals in post-divorce situations where modifications to agreements are necessary as a result in changes in our client’s lives.

Often, finances and circumstances of life can change after parties have entered into written settlements of their divorce cases.

On occasion, due to deficiencies and errors in the drafting of divorce settlements and agreements, clients will ask us to review their settlements and advise them of the options available to modify or re-negotiate terms of their agreements.

We are regularly called upon to defend actions where a party seeks to avoid or change the terms of their agreements. At The Pickney Law Firm we have successfully defended actions challenging the terms of Stipulations of Settlement and Separation Agreements.

We have been successful in setting aside prior divorce agreements and obtaining modifications to child support, custody, visitation and financial settlements.