• J.B., Esq.
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    J.B., Esq.
    (Commercial Litigator)
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    J. F., Esq.
    (AV Rated Attorney)
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    C.H., Esq.
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    Marc W., Esq.
    (Insurance Defense)
  • M.M., Esq
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    M.M., Esq
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    J.F., Esq.
    (Criminal Defense Attorney)

At The Pickney Law Firm, our team finds innovative, successful solutions to our clients’ legal matters with a cost effective approach. We identify the most successful outcome for our clients and work tirelessly to achieve it. Our knowledge and experience get results, often without the delay and expense of litigation. When the best interests of our client requires litigation, we fight for maximum results.

Contested Divorce

If you are considering filing for divorce, or have been served with divorce papers by your spouse, it is important to understand your rights…

Simple Divorce

If you are facing the possibility of divorce, even an amicable simple divorce, it is important to understand your rights, your obligations…

Complex Divorce

Complex or high net worth divorce cases implicate issues related to commercial real estate, privately held businesses, assets held by trusts…

Family Law

Mr. Pickney has represented clients successfully throughout the State of New York in both the Supreme Court and Family Court…

Why Hire The Pickney Law Firm?

Success. Experience. Integrity. Results. When attorneys and their family members need a lawyer, they hire The Pickney Law Firm. When attorneys need a lawyer, they call Christian Aaron Pickney. Shouldn’t you?.