White Collar Criminal Defense

Long Island Criminal Defense Attorney

Mr. Pickney has successfully defended corporations and individuals charged with both federal and state crimes, typically involving what is commonly referred to as “white collar” crimes.

White collar crime refers to non-violent crimes of a financial nature committed by business or individuals typically employed in “white collar” occupations or as the owners of businesses.

Mr. Pickney has represented clients with great success to ensure that their freedom and liberty are not jeopardized and that they can often continue in their business or occupation after the resolution of their criminal case.

We have represented stockbrokers accused of embezzlement, grand larceny and ponzi schemes; corporations and executives charged with tax evasion, individuals charged with bribing public officials, criminal impersonation of public officials; insurance fraud; and numerous crimes involving labor law crimes.

Mr. Pickney represented a Long Island businessman who was accused of criminal impersonation of a public official to defraud victims of Hurricane Sandy. We reached a plea bargain which resulted in all felony charges against our client being dismissed and our client was not sentenced to any jail time or period of probation.

Our team represented a Long Island driveway contractor who was alleged to have defrauded several homeowners out of approximately One Million Dollars. During the time the contractor was represented by Mr. Pickney in relation to the criminal allegations, no charges were filed.

Mr. Pickney represented a commercial contractor who was charged with over two hundred felonies for grand larceny and filing false documents with the State of New York in relation to violation of the “prevailing wage’ law on government projects. All felony and misdemeanor charges against his client were dismissed after extensive motion practice before the Court prior to trial.

A contractor working for a major telephone service provider in New York was alleged to have violated the prevailing wage law and stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars from employees, including failing to pay workmen’s compensation insurance and state and federal payroll taxes. After an extensive investigation by a joint task force, no criminal charges were ever filed against our client.

Labor Law

Mr. Pickney has extensive experience representing employers accused of crimes in violation of the NYS Labor Law, Workers’ Compensation Law, Prevailing Wage Law and the Davis-Bacon Act.

Employers are subject to complex Federal, State and administrative regulations with regard to the payment of wages and wage reporting requirements. At The Pickney Law Firm we have represented numerous employers under investigation by the United

States Attorney, the New York State Attorney General, and the Nassau, Suffolk and Queens District Attorney’s Offices. We have represented clients investigated by the United States and New York State Departments of Labor.

The defense of labor law related crimes require an attorney with the unique knowledge, experience and business acumen necessary to protect employers from the complex and aggressive laws applicable to companies that employ workers in the State of New York.